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Welcome to Raspberry Pi

Great initiative for the children education sector. Not for Profit!.

Simple and Compact

A simple and compact device but yet very powerful for its applications.

700Mhz Arm Processor

Rock solid Processor Technology to get you going. Can be clocked to uo to 1 Ghz.

Broadcom Videocore IV

VideoCore IV output very high CPU power at the low battery power consumption..

Not comparable. Unique!

Office work, Children ICT needs. Games and Entertainment at home. Can be used by all>

Meant to be affordable

Simple very affordable. The motto behind its development is to make it available to one and all

Customizable the way you want

Customize it the way you want and add more accessories and software


RasPberry Pi Computer

The REVOLUTIONARY device from Raspberry Pi Foundation is a small card sized single board computer invented in the UK primarily for the teaching of ICT in the education sector. However its application is not at all limited to education sector and nowadays we see various people implementing and using these RaspberryPi models. Infact there is a large community of users and developers backing this initiave and the Raspberry Pi buy models have conquered the world market as well as to evolve itself further.

There are many professional level projects which can be implemented by using these devices. For eample home automation projects: home appliances control, wireless door automation system, remote control of other devices.


Compare the specs

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Official Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2

Raspberry Pi Buy $37 incl. Shipping


raspberry pi b

Broadcom BCM2835 700MHz ARM1176JZFS processor with FPU and Videocore 4 GPU

Model B+ (R2 Latest Version)

Raspberry Pi Buy $34.80& FREE Shipping


The latest model release has a price tag of about $35. More efficient, more connectors and better power management. Broadcom Chip
An upgrade to Model B R2 configuration.
Raspberry Model B+ can connect to usb disks.
700MHz Broadcom BCM2835 CPU / 512 MB SDRAM @ 400 MHz / 10/100 Ethernet RJ45 On Board Network
40 pin Extended GPIO / Full Size HDMI / 4 USB Ports / Micro SD Slot
More Energy Efficiency (Less Power Required) / Improved Power Management: Manage More Devices from Your Pi!
Bigger and Better projects via an Expanded GPIO Header (40 pins vs. 26)
Increased connectivity - 2 Extra USB ports (making a total of 4) and a new 4-pole connector replace the existing analogue and composite video port on the Model B

Model A (256MB)

Buy $29.99 & FREE Shipping


raspberry pi Model A

The low power version of the computer is model B, without Ethernet, and only one USB port.

  • Same Processor as the Model B
  • 256MB RAM
  • Consumes one third of the power of the model B - optimized for low power applications


(Model B) - Revision 1 256MB

Buy $39.99 & FREE Shipping


raspberry pi revision one

  • Model B - Board
  • Revision 1 256MB
  • Operates Linux based Operating System


Programmers Bundle

Buy The Kit $51.85


raspberry pi programmers bundle

The Programmers Bundle permit you to get started rapidly. It includes board and case

Micro USB power cord

SD card

  • Raspberry PI Basic Board Model B - 512MB
  • 5V 1A Micro USB Power Supply
  • Clear Multicomp Raspberry Pi Case
  • 4Gb SD Card without Operating System


[Package B] Raspberry Pi CN Ver. 2.0 Model B 512MB

Buy $119.99



Raspberry Pi Model B (CN Ver.) x 1
Case H for RPi × 1
Anti-slip buttons x 4
Copper heat sinks x 2
DVK511 x 1
2.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (A) x 1
LCD1602 x 1
PL2303 USB UART Board (type A) x 1
AT45DBXX DataFlash Board x 1
PCF8563 RTC Board x 1
PCF8574 IO Expansion Board x 1
74LVC8T245 Board x 1
8 Push Buttons x 1
Infrared Remote Controller x 1
DS18B20 x 1
26-pin flat ribbon cable x 1
4-pin wire x 2
2-pin wire x 2
USB dual Type A Plug Cable x 1
Ethernet Cable x 1
User guide CD x 1

Diy Monitor for Raspberry Pi

Buy The Kit $89


raspberry pi programmers bundle

  • 1 X HDMI+VGA+2AV Controller Board VS-TY2662-V1 (Support Automatically switch to AV2 )
  • 1 X 7 inch 800* 480 Lcd Panel AT070TN90 with Touch Screen
  • 1 X Keyboard with Wire ,1 X USB Controller Card and USB Cable
  • 1 x disc ,1x touch pen,1× AC power adapter, 1 x VGA AV Cable
  • 1 X Remote Control, total 12 items avalable at Amazon.com


Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit

Buy $74.99 & FREE Shipping



Includes Board + 11 Essential Accessories:

Model B (512 MB Rev2)
Clear Case
4GB SD-Card preloaded with Wheezy Raspbian
USB Power Cable Micro USB
6FEET Good Quality HDMI Cable
Wireless Wifi Adapter
400-Tie-point breadboard
65 Jumper Wires
USB to TTL Serial Cable
GPIO Cable Ribbon and Breakout board


Arduino UNO R2 as from $19.99

Raspberry Pi Alternatives


Arduino-Uno R2 is a micro-controller board and has fourteen IO pins which may also be used as PWM outputs. Arduino is a very popular device family.


netduino plus 1

Board Computer


Netduino Plus 1 is open-source electronics platform with a 32bits controller and it uses the .NET Micro Framework.



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raspberry pi

Children Education Sector

Based on the ICT needs of kids, a group of Cambridge students set a target to revolutionize the world. Availability of cheap processors and huge decrease in hardware cost as well as RAM cost made it possible to offer a complete computer system at abt $35. That's what we call the Raspberry Pi revolution! Although it caters perfectly for the kids' IT needs,

win8 acer iconia

Google Support

Even Google is also helping the RaspberryPi revolution and it is gaining wide popularity in the education sector. In fact 15000 units of such devices have been granted to UK schools by Google.

If Google believe in this foundation, it is a very positive sign for ites evolution.

It is no longer only a kids play. Much more can be done and it is simply a fantastic portable device.

asus vivotab win8

ARM Processor with Broadcom VideoCore IV

The device has the Broadcom-BCM2835 system on a chip with ARM processor which can be clocked to up-to 1GHz, VideoCore4 Graphics processing Unit with 512mb of Random Access Memory. SD Cards are used for the booting up of the computer. It runs on Linux based operating system.s

RaspberryPi Popularity

In 2012, the sales boosted so much that some customers had to wait for more than six months to receive their order. Thousands of units are being delievered every day and the stores are flooded with orders. However, the manufacturer has increased prodcution and there seems to be no more order backlog. So if you want to try this very very affordable computer system, this is the time. Grab one and connect it to your PC Monitor or TV set.


Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Foundation is a British charity organisation, not for profit and it seems every launch they make is so widely received that they have difficulty in handling the orders. This can probably be explained by the fact that they do not have a sufficient margin on their products which finally is curtailing their success. Victim of its own raspberry pi buy success!

The computer can be used to play old Atari 2600 games! yeah, this is a good news for the last era gamers who do not find their place in the current gaming market. Besides, you can use it as a secondary device to browse the internet, do spreadsheets, type a letter, play hd movies, play games or just do some normal PC works. It is simply great for the price being offered.

The device comes in 2 versions called Model-A and Model-B each with a different configuration specs. They are fitted with:
RCA-video port
Audio port (3.5mm)
USB port
microUSB port for power
card slot - SD Card
HDMI port
700Mhz Broadcom SoC.

The devices can use various output connectivity by using adapters. The basic ports available are sufficient for all decent connectivity. The device has been design to remain simple and low cost which explains why it is not fitted with all sort of fancy ports.

2 Model Versions
Model A costs about $25 with 128MB RAM but no Ethernet connectivity.

Model B boosts the RAM upto 512MB and include a 2nd USB 2.0 port along with 10/100 Ethernet network port.

Both Models boots a Linux OS using a Sd card. Hard disk can take over once the boot process is done.

arm processor powered raspberry pi

The foundation launched its own app store and there are dozens of title already available. It has partnered with IndieCity and Velocix to put in place the raspberry pi buy market. Users can upload content and contribute to this revolution. Other users can download same. This website is not affiliated with Raspberry Pi Foundation. We provide independent reviews and guide.

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