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There are some electronics sellers who got the status of official Raspberry Pi vendor. Raspberry Pi Foundation who is the organisation behind the raspberry pi revolution does not sell directly to its customers. If you want to buy a genuine raspberry pi device or accessories you will need to raspberry pi buy it from the official sellers or their respective resellers.

Farnell Raspberry Pi Buy

Farnell is a world renowned electronics distributor with worldwide network including Farnell Raspberry Pi. We have a lots of our website visitors asking for information about Farnell Raspberry Pi where they can buy raspberry Pi devices and acessories. Farnell Raspberry Pi which is not associated with our website (raspberypicomputer.com) is an official ditributor of Raspberry Pi buy products. You can buy raspberry pi from them with full confidence. Farnell is a trusted raspberry pi device supplier. You will be glad to check the offers from amazon.com which is a great place to do all kind of shopping.


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Buy Raspberry Pi - Farnell

Farnell was started in 1939 by Alan Farnell and his partner.Besides electronics, Farnell distributes Raspberry Pi, electrical and industrial products. Farnell Raspberry Pi is now also a leader in Raspberry Pi devices distribution. Farnell has its presence in over twenty countries and offers about 500K products including buy Raspberry PI. Raspberry pi buying can be done online.

Besides, Farnell as Raspberry Pi distributor, there are other Raspberry Pi retailers from whom you may buy raspberry pi devices and accessories.

Raspberry Pi Buy List:

You can buy raspberry pi system from Farnell and the folowing raspberry pi buy stores:

Amazon - Buy Raspberry Pi from Amazon Store
Ebay - Buy Raspberry Pi from Ebay
Farnell - Raspberry Pi Buy Official Distributor
element14 Raspberry Pi Buy Official Seller

Beware of fake or clone devices, buy the orginal from trusted "Raspberry pi buy" sources.

The above list of raspberry pi suppliers are not the only trusted distributors. You may also buy Raspberry PIs from other stores and local retailers.

Buy Raspberry Pi from Amazon:
Amazon is another trusted online store which has Raspberry Pi in stock. You can also have a look at the Raspberry Pi Alternatives that are on offer at Amazon.com. Shopping for Raspberry Pi from Amazon is a pleasure and secure. After sales customer service is exceptional. Our preferred Raspberry Pi Buy Store!

Buy Raspberry Pi - Special Offers:

Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2

Raspberry Pi Buy $42.90 & FREE Shipping


raspberry pi b

Broadcom BCM2835 700MHz ARM1176JZFS processor with FPU and Videocore 4 GPU

CanaKit Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Buy $74.95 & FREE Shipping


Complete Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi Model A (256MB)

Raspberry Pi Buy $32.49 & FREE Shipping


raspberry pi Model A

Low power version Raspberry Pi Model B,

No Ethernet,, only one USB port.

  • Specs as the RaspberryPi Model B

Raspberry Pi (Model B) - Revision 1 256MB

Raspberry Pi Buy $40.96 & FREE Shipping


raspberry pi revision one

  • Model B RaspberryPi
  • Revision 1 256MB RAM
  • Operates Linux

Raspberry Pi Programmers Bundle

Raspberry Pi Buy $46.11


raspberry pi programmers bundle

The Programmers Bundle

Raspberry Pi includes board and case, Memory Card


Raspberry Pi Ultimate Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi Buy $74.99 & FREE Shipping



Includes Raspberry Pi Board + 11 Nice Accessories:


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